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www.hhbands.org    Aaron Thomas - Director    Springfield, Missouri
Contact Mr. Thomas:
The Hickory Band is set up with a "Smart Music" account.   This is an interactive music program that we use in class and that can be used from home through the internet.  It is a fantastic and fun practicing tool, but also provides a way for students to take their playing tests at home and upload them to our Hickory Band account.  For more information you can click the emblem above and/or read the Smart Music informational pamphlet below.
I encourage 7th & 8th grade students to take private lessons with an instrument specific instructor.  Whether a student is just trying to improve their basic skills or a student wants to be challenged - lessons provide an irreplaceable way of getting the extra help that every student needs.

Below is a list (still to be developed) of recommended private teachers. 

Susan Draper - 890-8835
Betsy Thurman-Nace - 716-308-6846

Paul Reed at Hoover Music - 368-9075

Contact Palen's or Springfield Music

Sonya Huff - 417-619-2380

Aaron Thomas - 523-7100

Steve Palen - (h)887-8185 (c)459-0214

Contact our local music stores
Weekly Calendar
- No Jazz Band practice Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week.

- Thursday, Feb. 6th  - 6th grade percussion practice after school.

- Saturday, Feb. 8th - Solo and Ensemble at Pershing (7th and 8th grade).


Sign up sheet in Band room, updated weekly.  Anyone can sign up for extra help or to work on "Pass-offs". 

Tuesday:  3:00, 3:20, 3:40
Wednesday: 3:00, 3:20, 3:40
Thursday: 3:30, 3:50, 4:10
On the campus of the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville
Ask Mr. Thomas for more details
4650 E. State Highway YY    Springfield, MO  65802       417.523.7100
Solo & Ensemble Results!!!!!
I want to congratulate all of our participating HIckory Band students for a great day.  It had been a tough week due to bad weather at the wrong time, but all of you came through and did very well - no matter the rating.  It takes allot of guts to get up in front of an audience and a judge to perform.  We had a total of 35 "1" ratings and 9 "2" ratings.  Please click below for a pdf copy of the results.  A minus or plus by the rating does not chage the rating, but merely indicates if a student was on the low or high side of the rating.  1 rating students will be receiving a "gold" medal and 2 rating students will be receiving a "silver" medal. 


Congratulations to the following students who were selected to participate in this year's SPRINGFIELD ALL-CITY BAND.  They had an amazing performance on Jan.4th here at Hickory Hills.

7th Grade8th Grade
Reagan BastierDaniel Abramovitz
Seth BossiMarisa Gartin
Raegan Daniels      Corbin Harris
Caleb Fisher    Madison Hensley
Adam Horton   Kelsie Lee
Gaetan Martino     Samantha Lick
Michael Scheid       Matthew Nguyen
Travis Thompson          Zachary Ogden
Reese Bassett               Regan Walters
Blake Carroll  Jaxon Davis
Tristan Goodfellow John Decimo
Andy Hooper  Tanner Grandclair
Kate Jones     Alex Hoffman
Jazzmine Jones     Garret Knight
Tayton Thompson  Joseph Westenberg

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